Meet Catherine Parker

Catherine Parker has a long record in the Sound Shore as a leader in the community, as a businesswoman,  and as a reliable community volunteer. She helped restart organizations like the Rye Chamber of Commerce. She also was a class mom and taught Sunday school. Catherine has served as an officer of many civic organizations.

Having served six years as a Rye City Councilmember she learned about local government, and how Westchester County interacts and administers many programs with federal and state dollars that help our communities. As someone who had her business flooded by unnamed storm events, Catherine learned up close and personal about the Sound Shore’s challenges with flooding. She recognizes that science on climate change shows us that if we don’t face the music and wean ourselves off of fossil fuels, the longer we will be paying a very high price to combat the water challenges that is a biproduct of climate change. Ten years as a County Legislator, serving our community she has shown  the community who she is, and that she cares deeply. She has come through for us, and we know we can trust her to do as she says. 

In 2007, Catherine was elected to the Rye City Council where she quickly established a reputation as a dedicated fiscal watchdog and innovative problem solver. During six years on the City Council, she led efforts to save the City millions of dollars on real estate and through the budget process. An environmental leader, she helped pass Westchester’s first plastic bag ban, regulations to protect our trees and improve air quality, and served on a flood action committee to help mitigate devastating flooding along the Sound Shore.

In 2013, she was elected as the County Legislator for District 7, which historically covers all of Rye City, both the Town and Village of Mamaroneck, Larchmont, and parts of Rye Town, Harrison, New Rochelle  (see Voting Information for the current borders of the district). She currently Chairs the Human Services, Human Rights, and Equity Committee for the Board of Legislators. In previous terms, she has served as Majority Leader, variously served the Chairwoman of the Environment and Energy Committee of the County Legislature, served on the Budget and Appropriations Committee, Labor, Parks, Planning and Housing Committee, and Community Services Committees.


Catherine is married to David Walker and they are parents to Julia (age 22) and Aidan (age 15). 

Perhaps most unusual about Catherine: she once won $50,000 dollars on the TV show Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

A History of Hard Work and Accomplishment

Holding the line on taxes

The cost of living in New York is a crisis. Catherine has fought for affordability in Westchester, and during her time in the County Legislature, County taxes were cut to their lowest level since 2008.


Catherine's experiences with flooding are personal.  She listens to residents affected by storms and has succeeded in implementing policies and funding on the County level to mitigate flooding.


Catherine's credentials as an environmental champion are indisputable. She sponsored the creation of the County Office of
Energy and Sustainability, helped pass laws to reduce disposable waste, was instrumental in enabling our current low-pollution fleet of municipal vehicles, and more.


As a small business owner and having led the pandemic reopening task force for the County, Catherine has supported programs that have led to extremely low unemployment and the creation of good paying jobs in the County.

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